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February, 12, 2019 – Daily Dating Scammers List Update

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Female dating scammers list:

Favor; favor51kalia@gmail.com
Anastasiia; nastiashmelandrovna@mail.com; Russia
Melinda Rose; Melindarose739@gmail.com; Nigeria
Talia Kate; rosegoldd0099@gmail.com; Nigeria
Rachel; swtrachel.p@gmail.com; Togo
Michelle Dowell; lawrenceemmanuel202@gmail.com; Ghana
Betty Lauren; Bettylauren532@gmail.com; USA
Evelyn Benson; evelynbenson12@hotmail.com; United Kingdom
Emelia Willy; emeliawilly@gmail.com; USA
Patricia; p.patriciaranson@gmail.com, carterhams888@gmail.com; USA
Thressa; sthressa86598@gmail.com
Patricia Collins; patriciacollins0147@gmail.com; 3474226057
Sabina; nadegebrimah@gmail.com, sabinabrimah@gmail.com; USA
Anastasiia; shmelevanastiia@gmail.com
Tanya; tanyasgonnikova@yandex.ru; Ukraine
Alina Koles; Koles.Alina@outlook.com
Gen. Laura Richardson; lauraj1900@gmail.com

Male dating scammers list:

Micheal Kiener; michaelkiener37@yahoo.com; Texas, USA
Garcia Henry; garciahenry4002@gmail.com; Nigeria
Murphy James; Murphyjames788@gmail.com; Nigeria
Kimberly Brown; kimberlybrown122@gmail.com; Nigeria
James Smith Austen; 12108074956
Michael Frost; michealchukwu11@gmail.com
Micheal Chukwu; Ukiah, USA
David Smith; smithdavid4772@gmail.com; USA
Steven John Reed; st.reed@hotmail.com; 12349855271
Doli; DoliDyami@yahoo.com
Steven; gregs1904@gmail.com; Lagos, Nigeria
Richard Divad; richardivad5221@gmail.com; Solon, USA
George; blessedprinceishere4u@gmail.com
Anthony Moller; anthonymoller045@aol.com
James Walter; jameswalter665@outlook.com; Togo
Carter Hams; carterhams888@gmail.com
Mark Gomez; gomezmark554@gmail.com
James Owen; hajundoyun2@gmail.com

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