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March, 11, 2019 – Daily Scammers List Update

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Female romance scammers list:

Regina; brightsuncooll88@gmail.com, info@boukereclame.nl
Susse; mejack253@gmail.com, tomato34@sina.cn
Allegra; iibaby317@gmail.com, bauschlosserei@h-buchler.de
Monica; lovemissu@protonmail.com, harold.van.eijden@dbse.nl
Margarit; CrazyLady9068@gmail.com, alex@pendragonproductions.com
Brianna; kittysweetcoworker@libero.it, info@ippin-okinawa.co.jp
Nina; anne@ebfood.sg, flowerfly.Nina@gmail.com
Neli; mikehealey@btconnect.com
Megan; girl90798@gmail.com, boonsaner_m@su.ac.th
Andriana; ooolarisa500500@gmail.com, info@aimeecharlier.nl
London; 6159304169
Jane; bryanjane1212@gmail.com; 9173064616; Canada
Jenny; jennefercole474@gmail.com; New York, USA
Bekky Annie; bekkyanniegold176@gmail.com
Rose Asante; 233261213874; USA
Ekaterina; katakata88199@gmail.com

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Male romance scammers list:

Bobby; bobbywillis505@gmail.com; Lagos, Nigeria
Mutanka; 13233885423
Austin Simmons; ausimmons@yahoo.com; 60169693017
Alex Budjenska; alexbudjenska00@gmail.com
Michael Powers; micpow111@gmail.com
Sebastian Reinhard; sreinhard0147@gmail.com; Los Angeles, USA
Jeff Brandon; jeffbrandon227@gmail.com; Frankfurt, Germany
Roland Marverick; rolandmarverick@gmail.com
Johnson James Wood; johnsonwood1111@gmail.com; USA
Bruna Alexandres; brunaalex002@gmail.com; USA
Chris Gagnon; chrisgagnon451@gmail.com; Dallas, USA
David Manedez; davidmanedez815@gmail.com; Smithville, USA
Scott Vincent; scottvincent757@gmail.com

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