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March, 17, 2019 – Daily Scammers List Update

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Female romance scammers list:

Joann Cole; colesj247@gmail.com; Nigeria
Kelly Them; Kelly.them4u@gmail.com; Ghana
Sweety Emily; sweetyemily010@gmail.com
Daria; darinaosi@yandex.com
Tatiana; tanactari@yandex.com
Alyona; alynakutak@gmail.com
Jane Watson; benitajane9@gmail.com
Tatyana; tanyanyashechka@gmail.com
Richmond Sugar; sugarrichmond@gmail.com; 9802852560
Rita William; 4016460028
Sydney CondeMai; sydconde100@gmail.com
Smith Amy; smithamy7281@gmail.com
Brenda Jose; brendajose385@gmail.com
Jim Erika; jimerika112@gmail.com
Linda; sexylinda10k@gmail.com; 4134180530
Mellisa Clarke; mellisaclarke767@gmail.com

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Male romance scammers list:

Joseph Lengyel; rev.maxwellnewton97@yahoo.com
James Morgan; jamesmorgan9801@gmail.com; Nigeria
Francis Eugene Foster; francisfoster112@gmail.com
Ben Holdy; benholdy9@gmail.com; London, United Kingdom
Brabant; Brabantbrent257@gmail.com
Matthias Groote; mgroote56@gmail.com
Brownaza; brownaza01@gmail.com
David steven; Davidsteven641@gmail.com
Franck John; franckj857@gmail.com
Albert Gold; luvsay44@gmail.com
Marc Jackson; marcjackson122@gmail.com
Simon Forcier; simonforcier5@gmail.com, simon.forcier28@hotmail.com
Austin Simmons; ausimmons@yahoo.com; 3236429031
Bryan Tyler; bryantyler221@gmail.com; Kintampo, Ghana
Richard Grahams; richardgrahams221@gmail.com
David Clark; davidclark.us.military@gmail.com
Scott Urbanski; 15304084111
Espinal James; espinaljames3@gmail.com; 9147306135
Micheal Grant; fredadomako265@gmail.com
Kyle Hurley; kylemchurley@gmail.com; USA
Bryan Sepul; splvdb@gmail.com; 6313415139
Mark Laad; marklaad2007@gmail.com
Shawn Reed; Shawnreed41@yahoo.com

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