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March, 19, 2019 – Daily Scammers List Update

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Female romance scammers list:

Veronika; ledyovver@bk.ru
Anastasiia; super.bob7@yandex.ru
Anna; qurderava@gmail.com
Ekaterina; ekaterrnechha@gmail.com
Kseniya; randolphpi45c@outlook.com; India
Anastasiya; awesome.greenn@yandex.com
Michelle; michellebenny106@gmail.com; USA
Clara Melly; claramelly22@gmail.com
Linda George; lindageorgequ@gmail.com; New York, USA
Shantel Morgan; shantelmorgan927@gmail.com; Florida, USA
Shirley; shirleyfry80@gmail.com
Jessica Collins; jessicacollins6789@gmail.com
Esther Gutierrez; empresspluv@gmail.com
Linda Rose; lindarosekate@gmail.com
Joanna Palani; joanna.palani@hotmail.com; Syrian Arab Republic
Mavis; sweetieabena22@gmail.com
Sonia Tetteh; sonia.tetteh116@gmail.com, lusy.jackson2@gmail.com; Lagos, Nigeria
Patience Edgar; patiencedgar@gmail.com, Patiencedgar555@gmail.com
Marcia Alvarez; marciamalvarez560@gmail.com; USA
Sarah; scr53347@gmail.com; Nigeria
Princess Amunew; princessamu85@gmail.com; 5713778206; Lexington, USA
Vicky Morgan; vickymorgan818@gmail.com; 3254557891; Mississippi, USA
Portia Williams; portiawilliams3k@gmail.com; Kintampo, Ghana
Joann; colesj247@gmail.com; Lome, Togo
Helma Clark; clearspade@outlook.com; Japan
Mary Desmond; marydesmond@live.com
Abraham Katrina; abrahamkatrina67@gmail.com; USA

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Male romance scammers list:

George Robbin; georgerob4luv@gmail.com
Mohamad Baker; mohamadbaker4000@gmail.com; Lagos, Nigeria
Maximilian Owen; maxi.owen1971@yahoo.com
Taylor George; georgetailor04@gmail.com; USA
Alex; jeffreythomas662@gmail.com; Germany
Shawn; shawnburglar048@gmail.com
Hands Marcus; handsmarcus6@gmail.com; Kachia, Nigeria
Chris; 8325010064
Paul; paulnewton011@gmail.com
Micheal Castillo; michealcastillo028@gmail.com
Hans Jackson; jacksonhans478@gmail.com
Andy Cole; Andydavis022@gmail.com
Alex Collins; brunaalex002@gmail.com; USA
Johnson Blake; jamesdouglas0041@yahoo.com
Richard Don; omarnadab@aol.com; Accra, Ghana
Clement; clementthompson932@gmail.com; USA
Jack Stultz; jackstultz554@gmail.com; 2349061539906; Accra, Ghana
Frank Williams; pcontact090@gmail.com; Boca Raton, USA
Ronnie Anderson; ronnieanderson959@gmail.com; USA
Marsh; Majohnnye@gmail.com; California City, USA

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