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March, 23, 2019 – Daily Scammers List Update

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Female romance scammers list:

Elena; elenagentle88@gmail.com
Mercy Williams; williamsmercy024@gmail.com
Cathy Derrick; cathyderrick2531@gmail.com
Rose Keenoy; keenoyrose@gmail.com
Frank Jane; janef8314@gmail.com
Lowry Parish; lowryparish2531@gmail.com, cathyderrick2531@gmail.com
Betty; bettybrown206@gmail.com; USA
Anna Weidner; weideranna1919@gmail.com; 4053039042
Antonia Stout; antonia87stout@gmail.com
Linda Kelly; lindakelly454@gmail.com; Ohio, USA
Joyce Christie; christjoy231@gmail.com; Caldwell Idaho, USA
Rose Mary; 3124804303; USA
Yuliya; missyuliya@postoel.com; Haiphong, Vietnam
Anastasiya; hairdresermakeup87@mail.ru
Marina; malinka-one@yandex.com
Vilena; modelsweet18@gmail.com
Dariya; osidariya@yandex.com
Olga; olga.lady203@yandex.com, olga@mail.taleborn.com
Olga; olgakitty1982@gmail.com, olgakitty1982@bookgmail.biz
Anna; zomoska@hotmail.com
Ekaterina; ekaterinamilashka@madaron.com
Anna; qurderava@gmail.com

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Male romance scammers list:

Gabriel; 60182463781
Ben O’Connor; benoconnor17@yahoo.com; Accra, Ghana
Joseph Andy; 393511410371; Italy
Rick Alberta; 2162058773
Vince Scheraldi; vincescheraldi49@gmail.com
Manaseh Charles; manasehcharles33@gmail.com
Marcos Cave; marcoscave8@gmail.com
Alan Gorski; alan_gorski05@yahoo.com
James; edwardsjames913@gmail.com; 5799770150; Germany
James Micheal; jamesmich451@gmail.com
Patrick Mike Lillard; lillardmike8@gmail.com; United Kingdom
Hilton Glickman; hiltonglickman@gmail.com; Oakland, USA
Dukelevine; Dukelevine603@gmail.com
Frank Thomas; thomasfrank063@gmail.com; Syriam, Myanmar
Maupin; 4012038091; Dallas, USA
Taylor Stanford; 6672208050; Atlanta, USA

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