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March, 5, 2019 – Daily Scammers List Update

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Female romance scammers list:

Tatyana; derienta@gmail.com; Denmark
Ekaterina; nechkat15@gmail.com; Yoshkar-Ola, Russia
Adam Janet; adamjanet_33@yahoo.com
Ruth David; ranmise777@gmail.com, ranmise777@yahoo.com; 3309460360
Ritaseon Mary; ritaseonmary@gmail.com; Lagos, Nigeria
Kendra; lovelykendra50@gmail.com, JallooBerry@gmail.com; 8454821597
Megan Vaughn, shalenefonji1983@gmail.com; 237670813324; Cameroon
Yana; yanyahusisa@outlook.com
Rita; ritaannak1988@gmail.com; Gainesville, USA

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Male romance scammers list:

Kelvin Snow Whyte; snowwhyte004@gmail.com; Nigeria
Dominic Gomez; donmigomez@gmail.com; Ghana
James Willians; jameswilliansjames@outlook.com; Nigeria
John Martins; 5852830826
Walter Dave; walterdave118@gmail.com; Denver, USA
James Chibuzor; 447803585366; 60109240379
Daniel Mabey; danielmabey09@gmail.com
Ray Williams; gen.brownwilliams01@gmail.com; Accra, Ghana
Gen Brown williams; gen.brownwilliams01@gmail.com
Perkins Cresswell; perkinscreswell007@gmail.com
Jarret; dr.jarrett_schanzer@outlook.com
Daniel Mabey; danielmabey09@gmail.com
Isaac Miller; millerisaac953@gmail.com; United Kingdom
Herbert Hans; herberthans222@gmail.com; Newark, USA
Jay Darko; jaydarko001@gmail.com; USA
Philip Sharden; philipsharden057@gmail.com
Chris Jose; chrisjosekey@gmail.com
Paul Taylor; paultaylor553@gmail.com
Richard Anderson; richyander05@yahoo.com
Logan Carpenter; airlogan007@gmail.com; 8452760487
Mark Gary; markgary1016@gmail.com; 4156878236
George Larry; georgelarry690@gmail.com
Clemente; thomasclemente123@gmail.com
Barry; barrykelvin20@gmail.com; Nigeria
David Marsh; 2604880962

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